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At the Harold Wood Company, we feel that your identification should be as lasting as your product.  And we know that a nameplate can give you years of durability under many adverse conditions.  Please share out interest in how our nameplates will fill your needs.

Certainly there are less expensive means of product identification, but then, why are they inexpensive? A metal nameplate means "Quality". It shows that you were concerned enough to choose only the best for your product. It becomes, in effect, a reflection of you and your attitude. That is why we take such great pride in our work. We have been producing nameplates since 1927, and believe that this experience and concern for quality can be seen in our finished products.

We specialize in a variety of nameplate producing processes, and are well prepared to help you determine the one best suited to your needs. Finding the most economical means of producing your product, without sacrificing quality, is a constant part of our service and a prime reason for the long-lasting relationship we enjoy with our customers. We stock most guages of aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastics, and have the capacity to tool special non-standard shapes. We also offer you a number of means by which to mount your nameplate.

All of our work is custom made to your order. Our experienced, diversified staff is available to provide you with expert advice in all phases of production. All of our initial design and final fabrication takes place under one roof. With Harold Wood Company, you can be certain that the nameplate you recieve is the one you wanted.